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In vitro fertilisation (IVF) and Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) are the two most popular ARTs for a successful fertilisation. They are identical procedures apart from the way the egg is fertilised. IVF allows the sperm to penetrate the egg on its own accord whereas ICSI directly inserts the sperm into the egg.

PGS helps infertile couples that undergo IVF treatment to increase the chances of an ongoing pregnancy by screening embryo for chromosome imbalance or problem including sex chromosomes.

It is recommended for couples with a history of unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage and failed  IVF/ICSI procedures.

Artificial Insemination (AI) involves placing washed semen from the partner, into the uterus of the woman in order to achieve pregnancy.

testicular biopsy is a test to remove a small sample of tissue from one or both testicles. The tissue is then looked at under a microscope to see if the man is able to father a child. … The testes produce sperm (which is needed for reproduction) and male hormones, such as testosterone.

  • Testicular Biopsy G/A
  • Testicular Biopsy L/A

A type of surgery in which small incisions are made in the abdominal wall through which a laparoscope and other instruments can be placed to permit structures within the abdomen and pelvis to be seen. A variety of probes or other instruments can also be pushed through these small incisions in the skin. In this way, a number of surgical procedures can be performed without the need for a large surgical incision.

The process of freezing one or more embryos to save them for future use. Embryo freezing involves in vitro fertilization, a procedure in which eggs are removed from a woman’s ovary and combined with sperm in the laboratory to form embryos. … Also called embryo banking and embryo cryopreservation/ Semen cryopreservation (commonly called sperm banking or sperm freezing) is a procedure to preserve sperm cells. Semen can be used successfully indefinitely aftercryopreservation. For human sperm, the longest reported successful storage is 24 years.

Happy Patients

Mr and Mrs Manesh Ahoja

Mr & Mrs Manesh Ahoja, The couple tried to conceive for two years after their marriage but of no avail. At Concept Fertility Centre they met Dr Sadiah Ahsan Pal and after a successful IVF procedure they were blessed with a beautiful gift baby Mannat.

Mr and Mrs Manesh Ahoja

Mr and Mrs Fahim ur Rehman

Mr & Mrs Fahim a very happy & contented couple. They never lost hope to have a baby during five years of their married life. After trying out everywhere they finally arrived Concept, where through an IVF Procedure by Dr Sadiah Ahsan Pal, Al-mighty Allah blessed them with a beautiful baby girl Bareera Fahim.

Mr and Mrs Fahim ur Rehman

Mr and Mrs Adnan Parvez

Mr Adnan and Sabheen a gorgeous couple remained childless for eight years of their married life. They tried everything and finally approached Concept Fertility Centre for the treatment where through an IVF procedure, God blessed them with a cute baby boy Zavian. Miracles Do Happen.

Mr and Mrs Adnan Parvez

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